Global Voices Rising


Movements have been erupting all over the world over the last decade. In the article Welcome to the Global Revolution against Neoliberalism, Ben Ehrenreich asks, “How could so many people be knocking all at once?” This website helps to explore that question. What are we all resisting? What are we fighting for? Are there commonalities between the different movements and struggles? What are the voices on the ground saying? Enter here to find out.

All Our Grievances are Connected

From my experience and coverage of the different movements, I’ve seen very strong indications that our grievances are very much connected. You can read more about my thoughts on this on the About page. Or you can enter here in order to hear compilations of voices from the different movements and to make connections.


As a photographer, I find visual images really important as a way of experiencing and understanding the world around me. I’ve used this passion to help bring movements to life for people who can’t experience them. Here you can experience the passionate faces, the community, the mutual aid, the commonalities, the messages of hope and the anger that lie at the heart of these movements.

Street Art

Movements have always relied on messages and art, but in recent years, street art has become a common and powerful form of communication for social movements. It communicates struggle, anger, resistance, collective and individual power, solidarity and the beauty that we are capable of. Explore the art from the different movements and make connections.