All Our Grievances are Connected

I believe our grievances are overwhelmingly connected. Beneath our individual struggles lies a common thread that can invoke understanding, empathy and a sense of hope. It has the potential to break down perceptions of isolation and helplessness, and it reveals the importance of solidarity, collective power and community. This page seeks to highlight the connections between the different movements and struggles. You can hear compilations of diverse voices taking about their hopes, communicating their individual grievances and revealing their common visions. You can hear interviews/conversations between activists from different movements talking about the similarity of their struggles and the importance of coming together, and you can listen to global voices around other movements and struggles. Additional compilations and interviews will be published over time. Subscribe below in order to be notified once new audio clips are posted.


A question I ask everyone I interview is, ‘What kind of world do you want to see?’ I believe this question is extremely important because if we do not attempt to envision what we want, we risk recreating what we were fighting against. Or as David Graeber so eloquently put it, “Surely there must be a link between the actual experience of first imagining things and then bringing them into being.”

What Kind of World #1 – May, 2021

This compilation includes voices from Occupy Wall Street, Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter and the Chile Uprising.

What Kind of World #2 – May, 2021

This compilation includes voices from Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Austin Coronavirus Mutual Aid, Lebanon Uprising and the Free Palestine movement.


Compilations including a diversity of voices around particular themes and grievances.

Free Palestine, Free Gaza Solidarity – May, 2021

This is a compilation of voices discussing the Free Palestine, Free Gaza movement. It includes activist voices from the 2014 NYC Free Gaza protests. An activist from the Free Palestine/ Black Lives Matter solidarity movement discusses his visit to Gaza and the importance of solidarity. An Egyptian/ American activist talks about the reason she is active in the movement, and a Jewish activist gives a detailed history of Israel in Palestine and talks about the importance of Jewish voices in the movement.


Interviews/ conversations between activists from different movements.

Lebanon & Spain – May, 2021

This is an interview/ conversation from the 2019 Lebanese Uprising with a Lebanese protester and a visiting indignado from the 2011 15M movement in Spain. They talk about their individual struggles, the importance of solidarity and their dream of a borderless world.


Interviews from other global movements & struggles.

Zimbabwe – May, 2021

This is a November 2019 interview with Duduzile Sibanda from the musical group Nobuntu. She talks about the work they do in Zimbabwe to help women find independence amid societal expectations along with their reason for weaving social justice throughout their performances.

India – May 2021

This is a September 2020 interview with Musa from India. It started as a conversation, and I quickly realized the importance of turning it into an interview. Musa talks about the discrimination he faced as a Muslim in India, the power people have against even the strongest empires, the oppression people are facing in Kashmir and the potential of a borderless world.